In the past applying graphics to a Sunbrella awning was limited to the process of painting, silk screening or airbrushing artwork onto the Sunbrella surface.

This process was time consuming and limited in color selections. Today technology has delivered a new method of providing powerful fun designs for your business. Developed and field-tested by awning and sign professionals, this innovative new combination of Sunbrella and 3M's high performance films lets you create custom designs, identity stripes, and logos to your customer's specifications.

G & J Awning & Canvas was one of the first four companies in the nation to implement this system into the manufacturing process.

The Process The Sunbrella Graphics system is a compact unit consisting of two primary components - Vacuum system and heat source that creates a secure bond between them. Sunbrella Fabrics are placed inside the unit on a flat surface and 3M graphic film is positioned on the top of the fabric. After the top of the machine is closed and secured, the vacuum system pulls the fabric and film tightly together and heat lamps create a tight bond between them. Creating a crisp and unique design that is bonded into the Sunbrella fabric.

Warranty The Sunbrella Graphics system carries a warranty backed by Glen Raven, the manufacturer of Sunbrella Fabrics. (proper material must be used along with 3M Pressure Sensitive vinyl materials).

Care and Cleaning One of the best ways to keep Sunbrella fabrics looking good and to delay the need for deep cleanings is to hose fabrics off on a monthly basis with clear water.

Large Format Digital

G & J Awning brings large format digital printing services to your doorstep! The entire process from the initial concept through printing and installation is completed in-house for the highest level of quality control over every phase of production. Printing materials include Adhesive Vinyl, Premium Banner, Photo Paper, Picasso Canvas, Sunbrella Inkjet White and many more.

Digital Print Services 
  • Banners
  • Canvas Prints
  • Custom Projects
  • Vinyl Decals
  • Signs
  • Magnets
  • Custom Awning design
  • Window Graphics
  • Windscreens

The possibilities are endless with large format printing

Graphics in the awning industry now can take on a whole new look with the use of digitally printed graphics. Newly designed materials that have been developed for the Awning and Banner industry allow graphics to be printed directly onto the materials creating an amazing impact. digital graphics

In some ways this new technology is replacing silk screening which was a common practice in the fabric industry.

Outdoor inks provide up to 3 years life expectancy. Not only can graphics be printed directly onto the materials but also can be printed onto pressure sensitive vinyl in which the Sunbrella Graphics System can be used to adhere the graphics to the awning fabric. Now detailed graphics which include specific colors, fades and shadows can now be transferred onto your awning project providing brand consistency.

Pressure Sensitive Graphics

Pressure sensitive graphics provide a wide variety of uses. They can be adhered to Windows, Vehicles, Backlit awnings, Sunbrella awnings (using SGS System), Banners and much more.

In many applications a high performance opaque pressure sensitive adhesive will be used but for Backlit awnings G & J Awning will use a high performance Translucent Pressure sensitive adhesive allowing the vibrant colors to illuminate at night. Pressure sensitive graphics can be used in a combination with other graphic processes such as eradication and welded graphics to add additional colors to your project.

The process of using Pressure sensitive graphics first involves the use of computer software and a friction feed plotter (artwork must be in a vector format). The Graphic is cut into the pressure sensitive vinyl that will be weeded out leaving only what is to be adhered to the awning.

Next the graphic will be masked to provide stability while placing the graphic onto the base material. Once placement has been secured pressure is applied to the graphic allowing the pressure sensitive vinyl to adhere to the material. The more pressure that is applied the tighter the bond.

Eradicated Awning Graphics

For backlit awnings, G & J Awning & Canvas can use an eradication process with materials that are eradicable such as Cooley Brite, Cooley Brite Lite, Eradilite and SignTech. These particular materials are considered a flexible sign substrate with an eradicable Ink top finish.

The process of eradication involves reverse masking of the areas where there will be graphics, then using eradication fluid to remove the color from the fabric on those areas. This allows the eradicated letter and/or graphics to illuminate when backlit. To add additional impact pressure sensitive adhesive can be adhered to the awning surface create yet another look for your business.

Painted Awning Graphics

Although painted graphics are not as common in the Awning industry due to increased technology in the SGS system and digital printing some applications still require this process. For example an existing awning that has been exposed to outdoor elements for a period of time may require the process of painted graphics because of dirt that has been built up into the fibers of the material.

The process of painting involves generating a reverse mask for the area in which the graphic will be located. The mask is then adhered to the surface of the awning providing a boundary for the artwork to be hand painted to the awning using special inks designed for the particular material.

Welded Awning Graphics

For none eradicable material the process of welded graphics may be an option for backlit awnings. This process involves cutting out the particular graphic from the base material thus creating holes in the material.

A second material (generally a white material) is used to replace the graphic from the base material. This graphic is then heat sealed into the base material using a Radio frequency welder that permanently bonds the two materials creating a final graphic which will allow the graphic to illuminate at night.

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