Standing Seam

Standing Seam metal awnings are comprised of aluminum frame shells and interlocking galvanized steel sheeting or aluminum panels. They're durable and provide protection from the weather, and they're available in many colors. Typically, they are used for home, or commercial, entries, windows, and walkways. Let us customize your architectural project.


  • Extruded aluminum
  • Substrate options
  • Flat aluminum sheet
  • Aluminum standing seam

Fabrication Method:

  • Welded and mechanically fastened


  • Frame
  • Natural/raw finish
  • Powder coated

Valance Height:

  • No Valance
  • Standard valance heights: 4”, 6” 8”, 10”, 12”


  • Lag Screws
  • Concrete anchor
  • Through bolt
  • Threaded rod with epoxy


  • Unlimited
  • Built in Sections


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Standing Seam Traditional Solid Valance


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